About GTK Group

At GTK Group, we help people and companies make the right choice by showcasing the latest happening and changes coming up next in the field of jobs. We would become the most preferred recruitment counterpart for many multinational organizations across India and the globe.  The professionalism would mirror the company. Right from the inception, an unmatched quest for excellence and perfection has blazed with rapid strides to become one of the leading recruiting agencies around the globe, providing the most professional service possible. The stringent selection procedure adopted by our qualified Executives ensures result oriented clientele requirement. GTK Group will be stretching its wings globally to handle the requirements of several prestigious organizations. Our jobs database gets updated with inputs from different parts of the world.

For studies abroad, GTK Group helps in the selecting the Universities for admissions according to the academic background and the grades, guidance for the visa application process. We offer professional expertise for the evaluation of academics and document scrutiny to take the burden off you.

Immigration - confers the permanent residency of another country where one can and live and work with a legal document. Permanent residency can be obtained depending on the Countries’ policy to accept the skilled workers. There are certain Occupations on High demand in those countries. We assist in highlighting these Occupations on demand and assist in applying for the Permanent residency for these Occupations.

Our confidence to prove will result in the best satisfied services.


Our vision is to provide employers with the very best tools to find right talents. For all people actively or passively interested in job opportunities, we provide a network to allow them to articulate their skills and market themselves effectively and globally.

We focus on creating the confidentiality of the students which allows them to apply confidently.

Our technology models are designed to remove time and cost, add greater value and allow for ease of participation for all, and our business models ensure that our success depends on your success, which keeps us continually focused on enhancing our offerings and supporting your needs. Its more a paperless organization.

Key Principles:

    • Continually enhance and develop our product offerings
  • Be adaptive and flexible in development to ensure simple integration

Quality Policy

Our staff with years of experience behind them, inputs the time in understanding the clients’ requirements and match it with the skills of potential candidates. Our Confidence provides the Quality Assurance. We follow a stringent system to ensure the quality services.

Management(Key Person)

Professionalism, Innovation, Strategy, Quality and guiding Principles are the crucial facets which helped the Company to achieve the desired initiatives.

Final word

“Our approach on new platform and the support structure gives the ability to assist our clientele with efficiency ”